Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Homeless shelters in butler county, in Hamilton, Ohio

Homeless hotline 513-569-0111

Butler county shelter for battered women YWCA
Hamilton, Ohio 45011
Women and children only

622 East Ave
Hamilton, Ohio 45011
Men and women only

Haven house
550 Main St
Hamilton, Ohio 45011
Men, women and children

Hope house
34 Main St
Middletown, Oh 45044

Soup Kitchen
New Life Mission
415 Henry St
Hamilton, Ohio 45011
contact: Linda Gaines
Mon-Sun 12-1pm

Soup Kitchen
Salvation Army
235 Ludlow St
Hamilton, Ohio 45011
contact: Captains Wilder Garcia and Donna Garcia
Mon-Fri: noon to 1 pm

Soup Kitchen
Community Meal Center
23 S. Front St
Hamilton, ohio 45011
Fri: 4pm to 7:30pm
contact Carroll Combs

Those who care for the homeless, are too poor to help..make a difference, help!! will you?

Seems the people who really care for the homeless are the ones who cant contribute for there causes, lets make a difference, open your hearts, lets form a chain of prayer, and make it possible to help a family who is homeless, could be you on the streets someday...never can tell..

Holiday Prayer

Pray for those who are homeless, that they find a safe place to rest there heads at night, pray that they will find the help that they need to remove themselves from being homeless, pray for all who are homeless, i will keep everyone who is homeless in my daily prayers....

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Luke 12:27

Luke 12:27 Consider the lilies how they grow, they toil not, they spin not, and yet i say unto you, Solomon and all his glory, was not arrayed like one of these.

resources for the homeless in the USA